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Our Winners’ Ships are Coming In!

Tall Ships

Poison Ivy 4 will soon be scratching the itches of Brian Metzger of Oregon, Karen Gonyea of New York, Cindy San Antonio of Ontario, Glenn Wuennenberg of New Jersey, and Stephen Levy of Maryland

Henry Poole is Here will soon be there for Alisha Poole of CO and Donna Hatfield of WV

The Invaders Season 2 will soon be invading the homes of Tanya Gilbert of Ilinois, Dorothy Miller of Nebraska, Rory Kaphing of Minnesota, David Devers of Kentucky, and Thomas Ziegler of Arizona.

Igor will be throwing switches for Marcus Sharpe of Missouri and Jacob Davis of California

Love Boat Season 2, Vol. 1 will be sailing to Joshua Ward of Texas, Martha Weatherman of Indiana, Barbra Mutchler of Michigan, Robert Miller of North Carolina, and Eric Pilote of Quebec

College DVD will be on the five-year plan for Henry Westheider of Ohio, Israel Yeres of New York, and Holly Kendall of Kansas

And lastly, our Coraline Swag Prize Packs go to Claire Gunn of Florida, Dan Cox of Ohio, and Pauline Leblanc of Ontario, or their Other selves, we can’t be certain.

Congrats to all the winners. Don’t see your name up there? Don’t panic. There are plenty of chances to win. Find our contests here. And hey: subscribe to our contest feed so you don’t miss a single chance to enter–the day you miss entering might have been Your Day!

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