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Stuff: Mashup Artists Looking Forward to Warren Ellis/Holy Grail Possibilties

Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex with Megan Fox

There’s plenty going on in the world of pop culture. But you have a life–we don’t. That’s why we do this: news in quick digestible chunks so you can be about your business, armed with geek info. You’re welcome.

  • A bunch of posters were rolled out at San Diego, including Jonah Hex (snippet shown), can be found at Yahoo Movies. Some are unimpressive, like, oh, Saw VI. But the Alice in Wonderland posters give a better look at the characters. And such.
  • Castlevania is back on again, with James Wan (Saw) on board to co-scribe and helm. And they’re apparently discarding the previous version of the script and starting over. And what does this mean to the animated version that Uncle Warren scribed? No idea. Although if somebody wanted to send me his script, I wouldn’t be sad. I’m just saying. Source.
  • You L.A. types, be aware that Cirque du Soleil is doing more of their 25th anniversary fun-stuff at the Grove this coming Sunday, August 2nd. All six shows from Vegas will have acts on hand to perform starting at 12:30pm and for free. Nice. “The event will be family friendly, featuring a circus play area set up for kids with face painting, jugglers and other activities. Prize giveaways, specially priced tickets for the shows in Vegas, and a chance to meet Cirque du Soleil castmembers will round out the festivities.” Also nice. Seriously, if you’re out that way, go. It’ll be a hoot. Source.
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  • Speaking of Uncle Warren, he lobbed a small grenade online post-San Diego with this: “I’m writing a film treatment for Hollywood Gang, who co-produced Frank Miller‘s 300. Hollywood Gang have previously optioned my graphic novel (with Chris Sprouse) OCEAN. On my desk, the treatment is called Untitled Arthurian Project. On their desk, the project is called EXCALIBUR.” And he links very specifically to the Wikipedia article on the 1981 film. I think I speak for most everyone when I say… oh really?
  • If you snagged your Region 1 copy of The IT Crowd (as well you should have), then you might be dismayed at the lack of audio commentaries on the release. You’d be even further dismayed if you knew that they had the damn things on Region 2, but they didn’t make it across the pond. With some help from his friends, Crowd head burrito Graham Linehan has made them available for download. Get all the info here.
  • Ken sent this over…apparently eFX is taking up the gauntlet that Master Replicas dropped re: Muppets. All I can say is: excellent. I want a Pepe the Prawn, folks. I just do.
  • Paul and Storm just let me have a listen at a demo version of one of their upcoming bits of twisted musicality. It was just as good and wrong as you’ve come to expect from those guys.
  • St. Trinian’s, the hilariously twisted looking Brit flick that we posted the trailer to in our Bond 22 guide, is finally hitting stateside on August 28th. Can’t wait.
  • Hollywood Reporter is showing a blatant misunderstanding of what San Diego Comic-Con has become. In discussing Sherlock Holmes, they’re talking about how odd it is to go to this crowd to promote the film: “Said nerd crowd is not the most obvious audience play for the period tale, but the studio is aiming at/counting on it just the same.” Um…what? Let’s see here…Robert Downey Jr. is playing another hero in between bouts as Iron Man. Action packed trailer. Not just that, but period piece with action and guns and stuff when steampunk is still raging on. And an audience who’s probably actually read some Sherlock. Yeah, that’s weird…why pitch to this audience? WTF, HR.
  • The Tron Legacy trailer has been updated with the new logo and is now available online (but not embeddable) places like, say, here. Looks like what I remember seeing from last time, but of course now in high quality. And frankly, the prospect of seeing this film in Digital 3D sounds badass. I renew my plea, however, if you haven’t checked out the excellent DVD of the first film, you need to go through the special features on that just to appreciate what Disney had to go through to create a virtual world in 1982.

    • The Brit Track last year on Sherlock Holmes was packed. I mean packed and there was just the rumor of a film.

      Alt universe will have a Sherlock Holmes panel this year and I am quite sure that too will be packed.

      Odd 6 degrees of separation information. Charlie Chaplin played a character called Billy the Page in a tour production of a Sherlock Holmes play in 1905 or so. Robert Downey, Jr. plays Charlie Chaplin, Robert Downey, Jr goes on to play Sherlock Holmes. ooooh.

    • Ohh, I saw “St. Trinian’s” a little while ago. It didn’t turn out to be nearly as much fun as I expected. Somehow, leggy ladies, campy girl-fun and Rupert Everett fell ju-uust short of awesome.

      I mean, see it… but don’t get your hopes up.