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Chuck vs. Mal vs. ScottC

Chuck vs Mal logo 2

Sometimes my verbal assaults on Weekend Justice are not enough. I feel the need to spread myself out into the Internet and embrace another podcast. Give them The ScottC Treatment. I’ve left my stamp on Views From The Longbox and on Night Of The Living Podcast. This time, I had an enjoyable threesome with the podcasting duo, Chuck vs. Mal.

Chuck Vs. Mal (Chuck Metcalf and Mallory Duval with editor Phantom) is best described by their website.

Each week Chuck and Mal go head to head on various topics, ranging from Russian royalty to bubble gum. Who will be the winner this week? Will there actually be a winner? Listen to find out!

This podcast is so cool that it had no one but two appearances from Needcoffee personnel. Our own Widgett Walls guested on an episode and can be checked out here. My episode can be examined here. So have a listen and enjoy the insanity.

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