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Stuff Bulletin: Them Crooked On Sale Vultures

Them Crooked Vultures

Sure enough, shortly after publishing the last bit, I saw the word that Amazon’s deal for the day concerns Them Crooked Vultures–my favorite band and favorite album of 2009 and the guys that I positively cannot shut up about. You can attest to this last part if you’ve been listening to our podcasts, especially The Sound Board.

Anyway, you can do an MP3 download of the album for $2.99 today only. And worst case scenario, if you don’t want to download it (the only justifiable reason for which is that you don’t want an album on your MP3 player of choice that you can’t stop listening to–like me), you can at least download “Scumbug Blues” for free. Again, today only. Go here and enjoy.