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32 Days of Halloween IV, Movie Night No. 27: Sisters of Death

Sisters of Death

Movie Night 27 has traditionally been a night for horror films involving Scary Women. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and given a sharp implement. For this go round we entertain ourselves this evening with the 1977 film Sisters of Death. The gist is this: there is a secret society of young ladies. Part of the initiation is a game of Russian roulette. However, the game gets serious, and then years later, things get even more serious as somebody appears to be out for revenge.

It’s incidents like this that kept the genders from being integrated at schools for decades. I’m just saying.

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It’s available on DVD from Amazon as a double feature with Scream Bloody Murder.

Last year we had a double feature of Cat-Women of the Moon and Queen of Outer Space. Then in 2008, we had another double feature: She Gods of Shark Reef and Mesa of Lost Women. Before we hit upon this theme, in 2007, we had a Roger Corman double feature.