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Win A Lifetime Original Romance Prize Pack!

Confessions of an American Bride DVD How I Married My High School Crush DVD
I Do But I Don't DVD I Me Wed DVD Making Mr. Right DVD

For those who want a bit of made-for-television romance, A&E and Lifetime are here with a prize pack of the following titles:


Shannon Elizabeth (Cuts, American Pie), Eddie McClintock (A.U.S.A., Full Frontal) and Geoff Stults (7th Heaven, Bring It On Again) star in the Lifetime Original Movie, CONFESSIONS OF AN AMERICAN BRIDE, a lighthearted tale about a frantic bride-to-be who unexpectedly reunites with an old crush just as elaborate plans for her dream wedding begin. A successful 30-year-old advertising executive, Samantha (Elizabeth) has fantasized about her wedding day her entire life, and is elated when her “Prince Charming” boyfriend, Ben Rosen (McClintock), proposes. Within 24 hours, Sam becomes rapturously swept up in plans for her nuptials. As they get ready for a life together, Sam moves in with Ben and discovers that disagreement – over everything from their wedding arrangements to home décor – is part of the preparation, and fairytale weddings are a fantasy. Meanwhile, demanding parents, interfaith dilemmas, and a sexy temptation from a former college crush (Stults), leave Sam wondering if the alter is where she really wants to be. Will true love triumph over the insanity and stress of wedding planning? (AAAE218450, 90 mins.)


Seventeen-year-old Sara (Katee Sackhoff, 24, Battlestar Galactica) has been madly in love with popular classmate Brian (Sage Brocklebank, Psych, Smallville) ever since pre-school and dreams of marrying him. Problem is, he doesn’t know she exists. When a solar eclipse inexplicably sends them from high school in 1990 to their actual wedding day in 2007, Sara (now in her mid-30s) discovers that, somehow, her wish came true. With their “grown-up” careers in full swing – Sara is running for Lieutenant Governor, and Brian is a wealthy investment banker – the couple realizes they are not at all prepared for what adulthood has in store. They still feel like the 17-year-olds they see when they look in the mirror, yet everyone else in their lives sees them as 35…and expects them to act their age. Is it possible that Sara and Brian are really fated to be together? Or should they follow a less certain path in their new lives, and risk falling for other people? (AAAE223190 , 88 mins.)


Denise Richards (Love Actually, Scary Movie 3) and Dean Cain (Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story, Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman) star in the Lifetime Original Movie I DO (BUT I DON’T), a romantic comedy about a wedding planner who’s convinced the man of her dreams is about to marry the client of her nightmares. I DO (BUT I DON’T) follows the misadventures of head-turning beauty Lauren Crandall (Richards), a talented young wedding consultant planning the nuptials for her most challenging client yet – the rich and gorgeous “psycho-bride,” Darla (Karen Cliche). When Lauren meets handsome fireman Nick Corina (Cain), sparks begin to fly… but a series of hilarious misunderstandings leave Lauren convinced that Nick is engaged to the dreadful Darla. An accomplished and normally skillful professional, Lauren finds herself torn between her duties as a wedding planner and her feelings for Nick. Can the two connect despite the chain of chaos and confusion? (AAAE223160, 88 mins.)


Isabel Darden (Erica Durance, Smallville, Stargate: SG-1) is an attractive, successful 30-year-old woman tired of her mother and friends’ insistence that marriage is essential to a woman’s happiness. With pressure to find Mr. Right mounting, and a deep-seated desire to prove the women in her life wrong, Isabel plans a wedding ceremony in which she’ll marry the one person who knows her better than anyone else…herself. When the news outlets pick up her story, Isabel becomes an overnight media sensation, and with the enthusiastic support of her friend Bill, she quickly begins planning her nuptials. Will Isabel’s wedding finally convince her embarrassed mother Lillian, and disappointed best friend Amy, that she truly is better off on her own? It’s a question Isabel will have to contend with herself, after a chance meeting with the handsome and intelligent Colin (Paul Popowich) challenges her convictions. How will Isabel tell the man she’s falling in love with that she’s already engaged – and to herself? The unexpected romance with Colin and a leak from the media sends her wedding plans, and her new relationship, into a tailspin. Will Isabel try to regain Colin’s trust, or continue on with her wedding? (AAAE223170, 88 mins.)


Uptight female magazine editor, Hallie Galloway (Christina Cox, Blood Ties), is the very definition of a successful woman. Ambitious, sharp, and focused, Hallie is close to the promotion that she’s worked so hard to achieve. Everything is coming together for her professionally, but she’s about to get a curve ball she didn’t expect. In a modern-day reversal of “My Fair Lady,” Hallie makes a bet with her best friend that she can transform a scruffy con man (Dean Cain, Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman) into her magazine’s “Bachelor of the Year.” A shave and a haircut later, he’s revealed as a handsomely charming rogue. Hallie teaches him manners and etiquette, while he teaches her to live in the moment. As sparks fly, love sets out to conquers the class divide. (AAAE223180; 85 mins.)

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