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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 8: Christopher Lee and The Raven

Young Christopher Lee

At this time last year, we had James Earl Jones reading Poe’s “The Raven.” But that’s just one of the ways that poem has approached over the four-plus years of 32 Days of Halloween. I mean…it is one of the best known poems around and ’tis the season.

We’ve had Christopher Walken and Vincent Price read it. We’ve had Roger Corman adapt it as a feature film. There’s even been a new translation via a grumpy college student.

Hell, I’ve even taken a crack at it–it was my opening salvo for the first 32 Days audio I recorded.

But somehow I had missed the fact that Christopher Lee recorded a version. It is different, but man, once he gets going…he goes.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Also on this date in the past, we’ve brought you Cary Grant in Topper and Arsenic and Old Lace and Pluto in Pluto’s Judgement Day.

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