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Chemical Brothers To Let Flow in January

Chemical Brothers Dont Think

After providing music for both Hanna and Black Swan, The Chemical Brothers are hitting the big screen themselves with their concert film Don’t Think. It’s beginning with sneak screenings in multiple cities on January 26th and then opening wider on February 3rd.

If you take a moment to peruse the trailer, it looks a bit like that upcoming insane party movie Project X but instead if the screenplay had been written by Neal Stephenson’s id. Apparently the concert film was captured in July of this year in front of 50,000 fans that were, by all evidence from the video, freaking right the hell out. And I don’t know that I could blame them. Trailer after the break:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

For more information on screenings, check out the official film’s website here. Thanks to Rob for the headsup.