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Wayhomer Review #159: Now You See Me

Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley in Now You See Me
If Morgan Freeman's voice asks for fire, then dammit, Fire Happens.

It’s Episode #159 for Now You See Me, in which our protagonist actually enjoys himself, writes the film a pass for going a little off the deep end, and is a self-admitted sucker for seeing Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine on screen together.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • I love magic and love good entertaining films, and this one delivered. While watching it I couldn´t resist to compare it to “Burt Wonderstone” in the fact that the details in the dialogues and scenes regarding the “real magical world” are very rewarding for us magic geeks. Was David Copperfield involved in this one as well? I wouldn´t be surprised. Since I didn´t quite get the final scenes I was looking for some reviews that would explain it but at the same time I was telling myself “Stop thinking! damn it I enjoyed it and that´s it”. I will see it again but this time the extended version, he. I should have watched this review (instead of avoiding it) and catch the film at the cinema, instead I waited for the blueray. My bad. The pros are I was able to rewind more than once, he.
    Hey, you haven´t posted any article about Ben Affleck´s role in the upcoming…well you know!

  • David: Thanks for the comment. We did make comments about Batfleck in our DragonCon appearances and in our Weekend Justice podcast, but I don’t know about an article on the topic…I don’t know what we could bring to the table that a bunch of other sites haven’t already. Seems like you can either defend him, champion him, or be filled with trepidation, like we normally are here. It’s now just a waiting game to see if the thing goes into production or not…this is DC/WB, after all. Thanks again for stopping by.