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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 15: Terror Creatures From the Grave!

Before we start talking about the stuff I’ve disinterred for you, we need to go over to the newsroom for this special crisis update:

Next we go to the original Outer Limits and their first season from 1963. It’s Bruce Dern starring in an episode about…well, it’s what most of these shows were about at their core: humanity, and just WTF is wrong with us anyway?

And for tonight, it’s 1965 and Terror-Creatures From the Grave, starring Barbara Steele (a name synonymous with Italian gonzo horror). You can tell the film is going to be exceptionally scary because there’s a dubious hyphen in the title. Be forewarned: the print is terrible, the language is dubbed…and I agree with the first commenter on the video…it sort of makes this the perfect way to watch it. Enjoy.