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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 29: The Clown Murders!

If you don’t know the comedian Russell Howard…well, you should correct that. His stand-up is excellent and his television show, The Russell Howard Hour, is useful for keeping up with current events across the pond. One segment from his show is Playground Politics, in which Russell interviews kids to get their opinions on what’s happening in the world. The results are as mad as you might expect.

Someone please tell Batdog’s mom to cut back on the caffeinated, sugary drinks. Also, for our non-UK readers, “BoJo” is Boris Johnson, the former prime minister.

I saw this and thought, oh, this might be good. Tom Savini, horror FX, nice. And when it started, I saw the font and the titles…and then the copyright date. 1989. I hate to think of the year I graduated high school as “vintage,” but hey…a vintage horror documentary can be retro gold fun!

And to finish off tonight, a film about a clown kidnapping…wait, no, a kidnapping perpetrated by clowns to be specific…goes wrong. And keeps going wrong. This is from 1976 and is an early acting role from John Candy, who would later go on to revolutionize horror with his Dr. Tongue franchise of 3-D movies. It’s The Clown Murders. No, seriously, it is.