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32 Days of Halloween XVI, Day 31

Hellraiser: Quartet of Torment
Dawn of the Dead Behind the Scenes
The Hands of a Stranger

A snippet of the poster for The Hands of a Stranger. A woman in a blue outfit stands on the left, her hands up to the sides of her face and she's screaming. On the right, a surgical team is, I guess. Behind them is a large x-ray of someone's hands.

And I just wanted to share this: Arrow Video is releasing the first four Hellraiser movies in 4K and they’ve created a combined trailer for the “Quartet of Torment” that is a damn good trailer. Granted, the CD Cenobite is in it, but it’s so cool I don’t care.

Okay, this is pretty choice. A guy and his brother were zombies on the original Dawn of the Dead. They brought a Super 8 camera with them and shot some great behind the scenes footage, provided with commentary. Nice.

For tonight’s feature, we have another adaptation of Maurice Renard’s novel that spawned the 1924 version, The Hands of Orlac. (There are four films in total, and we haven’t posted the 1960 one because we haven’t found it online yet.) This is the most recent. Pretty sure you already know this lesson: in a horror movie, be careful who’s donating what’s about to get transplanted onto or into you. This one is Hands of a Stranger. Enjoy.