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Headsup: Top Shelf is Having a Sale

Top Shelf produces quality books. This is not news. What is news is that they have some of their finest quality books not only back in print but on sale–for a limited time. For the full list, you should go here. And bear in mind, Christmas is coming, right? But this sale is only on through November 8th. Here’s my tips for you:

From Hell is my favorite graphic novel ever. That’s right: ever. It’s amazing and if all you know is that it was made into a disappointing film with Johnny Depp, then you owe it to yourself to snag it. It’s back in print. Even better–they have limited copies in hardback. Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell bring you an apocalypse like no other. Get it.

Blankets, for which Craig Thompson won a Chazzie in 2003, is one of the best novels about coming of age you will ever read. Read my review here.

Anything by Alex Robinson, including Tricked, for which Alex Robinson received two 2005 Chazzie noms. Robinson creates the most painfully real people for his stories–and you know people who act and talk just like them.

The Surrogates, is one of the best sci-fi titles in recent memory, in which people stay home and let their avatars move about the real world–an excellent spin on the idea of cyberspace vs. meatspace.

Remember: November 8th. So go.