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Wayhomer Review #103: The Grey

Liam Neeson from The Grey

Episode #103 for The Grey, in which our protagonist owes Liam Neeson an apology, also owes him a serious beer, and recommends we give him a new official title.

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  • I really like your review. You’re right..The Grey punched me in the gut big time and because i’m emotional…i found myself in tears a few times and yes, the wolves looked fake but that didn’t take away anything from the story at all. Even though The Grey wasn’t a happy movie and i hope for a happier ending…it was an awesome movie with the most realistic and terrifying plane crash scene that i’ve ever witnessed in a movie!

  • Hi Debbie: I would agree about it being the scariest plane crash. I think it even beats out previous record holder Cast Away. That one was pretty heinous as well. Thanks for the comment.

  • Just got home from watching this film. I noticed that many people were upset because of the ending, but i thought it was perfect. Although we all do love a fight scene, i think the movie carried out plenty.

    Liam Neeson’s previous movie “Taken” was a winner, and i feel this one is as well.

  • Al: Yeah, I’m not sure how you can get upset at the ending…especially when you get the “reveal” of the “rest of the story” (being intentionally vague to avoid spoilers). Thanks for the comment.

  • What is amazing is the dozen or so other reviewers on Rotten tomatoes who don’t like the movie. They should get permision from there wives to see if they could borrow back there balls and then go watch the movie with a full set.
    It’s about common men fighting for there lives and taking stock of there short and brutish lives.
    It’s about reality hitting you in the face when you least expect it.
    It’s animals doing there thing, just how they do in the real world, no remorse, no conscience. They don’t care if your a touchy feely sort of guy. They want to kill you all the same if you get in there way.
    The movie has a way of saying “keep fighting ” if for no other reason than just to say F**k to the world.

  • Keith: I don’t know…I can see where if you went in expecting a straight-up action flick, you could be disappointed. But you’re right: sometimes you just keep fighting. Because there isn’t anything else. Thanks for the comment, amigo.

  • Wait, we’re supposed to be on *Liam’s* side? Not on the wolves’ side?

    I’m confused.

  • Din: I think you would actually appreciate this film in that post-plane crash, both “sides” are portrayed as animals just doing What They Do. And the wolves are, IMO, never portrayed as anything other than Wolves Being Wolves, rather than An Evil Force of Nature.

  • hehe, great episode 103. Thematic of the movie is kind of unique. I can’t name some other film like this one. Men vs vs Wolves. Wild story with cold background fear of beasts. Film has great photography. Liam Neeson does a great acting job in this film, and this role suit very nice to him.