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Invisible Agent! (1942)

32 Days of Halloween XIII
Movie Night #4

Invisible Agent (1942)

We’ve spoken of the wacky sequels that were out there from the Universal Classic Monsters…and by that I mean they diverged into some weird places. But hey, you see the year up there, so it only makes sense to have the invisible serum introduced in the first film passed down via his grandson to a guy (Jon Hall) so he can fight Nazis (Peter Lorre & Cedric Hardwicke). Hall would go on to kinda not really reprise the role in the next film, The Invisible Man’s Revenge. Hardwicke was in scads of films, including The Ghost of Frankenstein. And Peter Lorre was Peter Goddamn Lorre.

Anyway, enjoy the film. One last note: the invisibility serum does make him invisible…it doesn’t make him huge so he can fight planes, as suggested in the poster art.

Honestly, the best place to get this is to snag it as part of the Invisible Man: Legacy Collection DVD. It has the entire series in one set.