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Lego Helicarrier

'How does Fury even see these?' 'His head swivels.'

  • Well, we learned this week that the Lego version of the Helicarrier will be released in March–with 2996 pieces and running about $350. I have a feeling this one is going to get snapped up like nobody’s business–eBay auctions are already underway for $1000. This is basically this generation’s G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier. For parents, though, a warning: be prepared for your kids to re-enact the helicarriers from Winter Soldier. I’m just telling you now. Brickset has a number of pics. No pre-order link yet.
  • Rox appeared in an article and interview regarding her life and unclassified adventures–plus as much information about Spazhouse as we’ve seen since the VH1 Behind the Music special from 1997.
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    Your Weekend Justice #230: Following John Cleese to the End of the World


    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck…the podcast that didn’t mean to make some sort of weird John Cleese callback to the Outtakes episode, but did so anyway.

    (Note: I apologize that I’m a bit robo at the beginning but it somehow inexplicably improves shortly thereafter. My actual voice, though, remains as grating as always.)


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    Of Dammiting Hydra and Engaging the Masses

    Gillette Fusion: Hydra Cool

    The latest from the insidious Hydra Product Placement Division.

    Two big things happened this past week. One was quiet, but the other was very loud.

    The quiet and more recent one was Marvel’s Epicly Smooth rollout of the Age Of Ultron Trailer–yes, smooth, even in the face of it being leaked. Pretty much instantaneously, they popped it on their main YouTube page and all commercials for the upcoming Agents Of SHIELD episode with which the trailer was supposed to premiere went from “world premiere” to “world BROADCAST premiere” like it was Nothing. As I’ve said before, there’s probably a “Leak Team” in most big studios these days, and if there isn’t, there SHOULD be.


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    Your Weekend Justice #224: Coffee and the Euphemism Motherlode

    Dance the Kung Fu

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck, the podcast that dares to completely sully the name of its own damn website. Go figure.

    Note: Please excuse random and brief noises. Not sure where they came from. Maybe it’s all in my head.



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