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32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 23: Blood of the Zombie!

Blood of the Zombie or The Dead One

Tonight’s the night where we bring on the zombies. And by that, we stick to films that aren’t very subtle about the undead’s inclusion in their festivities. Every year we’ve managed to find a film that contains, in its title, “…of the Zombie(s).” Or just zombies in some form or fashion. And you know our rule: if it’s undead and bleeds, it leads. So here we go.

This time around it’s Blood of the Zombie, also known as The Dead One. A woman uses voodoo to bring her dead brother back upright in order to kill those she believes are usurping her claim to the family estate. Don’t be confused at the opening sequence: it is a voodoo ceremony of some sort and not a beat poetry night, although I have seen the same quality of recitation in both circumstances. Enjoy!

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Other entries into this barrage of zombie films have included Horror, King, Oasis, Revolt and Vengeance.